A Level Booster MEGA Pack

A Level Booster MEGA Pack


A Level Booster MEGA Pack - Physics LEGO (School Set)


Perfect for a group of students, especially in addition to the Atomic MEGA Bundle!


50 x Up Quarks (Yellow 2x2 Plate)

50 x Down Quarks (Red 2x2 Plate)

10 x Strange Quarks (2x2 Plate)

10 x Charm Quarks (2x2 Plate)

10 x Top Quarks (2x2 Plate)

10 x Bottom Quarks (2x2 Plate)

10 x Electrons (Grey 1x1 Brick)

10 x Muons (Grey 1x2 Brick)

10 x Tau (Grey 1x3 Brick)

20 x Electron Neutrinos (Grey 1x1 Plate)

10 x Muon Neutrinos (Grey 1x2 Plate)

210 x Tau Neutrinos (Grey 1x3 Plate)

25 x Red Photons (1x1 Round)

25 x Green Photons (1x1 Round)

25 x Blue Photons (1x1 Round)

25 x IR/UV Photons (1x1 Round)


All prices include postage and packing to the UK. Please note that the pack is a mixture of new and second hand parts, all in excellent condition.