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The Problem

There's a bit of an issue at the moment - there simply aren't enough specialist Physics Teachers in schools. Many science departments have only one, or even zero, specialists which means they can't bounce ideas off each other and don't always appreciate how what is taught at GCSE leads onto the A Level content.

There is high quality CPD available - but it's often hard to get out of school to attend this and once you factor in cover costs and transport it can be a hard sell to senior management. 

Now factor in coronavirus and the school shutdown in 2020 and there are many many more issues to think about this year.


Many events and conferences have been cancelled, getting time out of school will be even harder as exam classes have the same amount of content to cover and it is easy to see why developing your own teaching pedagogy may be far down your list of priorities.

The Solution

There is a place for high quality online resources for teachers and technicians that can be accessed when it's needed - often when you're ordering equipment and planning next weeks lessons.

This is not to replace the excellent work carried by organisations including the Institute of Physics, or replicate material from teacher led groups like #chatphysics or #cogscisci 

The plan is to have video resources that you can watch when you need them. These will cover teaching ideas, ways to set up equipment, practical demos and ways to help your students actually learn in lessons.


Everything will be organised by topic so you can find exactly what you need, brought to you by a range of teachers and specialists. 

The Plan

With support from The Ogden Trust I am looking to work with a small number of schools this academic year. This is to find out exactly what you need assistance with and the issues you have faced in the past with accessing the right type of resources.


There will be regular online meetings to find out the issues your department is facing and you will directly influence the videos produced. In return you will receive a programme of support for your teachers and students (including resources available at GCSE Physics

Everything that is produced for this project will be published on YouTube and remain completely free to view. This website will be developed to organise the material and will highlight the other great work that is being carried out by teachers and organisations that promote resources for Teachers of Physics.

Initially I'm looking to work with a small number of schools. To be eligible they should:

  • Have one or fewer specialist Physics Teachers - i.e. many GCSE Physics classes taught by Biologists and Chemists

  • Have a student population that may include a high number of FSM or Pupil Premium students. Alternatively it may be a AEP or have students who may not have as many opportunities as others

  • Be a state school or academy 

If you would like to be involved then please email me at outlining why your school would be suitable and I'll get back to you.

If you are not selected then you will still be able to view all the material produced, either on my YouTube channel or through Twitter @legophysicsguy.

Lewis Matheson - Updated 6th September 2020

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