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Building Understanding with LEGO

These instructions show some ways that you can use LEGO to model the world around us when teaching complicated ideas with your students.


Download your own set of instructions here:

There are a few great places to buy just the LEGO bricks you need - Pick a Brick, BrickLink and my own Shop!

Here are some other ideas that I developed with LEGO for the YouTube channel Beyond the Brick.

And here is the amazing Nuclear Chart, and my own version, from a project called Binding Blocks.

I even appeared on the Physics World 'Everyday Science' Podcast when they recorded an episode all about LEGO Physics. Listen Here

I started using LEGO in my teaching after I was inspired by some excellent resources from Queen Mary University.


There are many other teachers and organisations using LEGO - including Dr Ben Still and The University of York Department of Physics Binding Blocks project.

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