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Physics Online

Student Premium Plans

Instant access to hundreds of premium-only videos covering the full GCSE or A Level Physics courses.

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Free Content






Access to websites organised by exam board and topic

Hundreds of free videos to support your learning and revision

Regular livestreams hosted on YouTube

Free resources such as worksheets and quick-questions to support the videos

A community of supportive students

With a Premium Plan

Everything in the Free Plan

Instant access to hundreds of extra videos covering the full GCSE or A Level course

Extra worksheets and resources to support the videos in the premium plans

Additional videos that support the printed workbooks

Exclusive discounts in the shop

How it Works

Instant Access

Purchase a premium plan and your account is ready to use straight away. Just use your email to log in and access every resource 24/7 from a computer, tablet or mobile.

Years of Support

The one-off payment gives you access to either the GCSE site for 36 months or the A Level site for 24 months, covering your entire course duration. The earlier you get a premium plan, the better value it is.

One-Off Payment

No recurring monthly fees so you can worry less about payment and focus on learning. Your plan will automatically expire at the end of your purchase period.

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GCSE Premium Plan

Access every resource instantly, including hundreds more the videos that aren't available on YouTube (find the entire list here).

You'll be able to access this content all in one place, organised by exam board and topic. Challenging concepts are explained clearly and creatively, so that anyone can understand - no matter your level. 

Give yourself the best chance at understanding topics fully, and boosting your exam grade. 

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A Level Premium Plan

Instant access to the entire A Level site, including hundreds more the videos that aren't available on YouTube and cover Year 13 topics (find the entire list here).

All of the content is organised in one place by exam board and topic so that no matter your level, you'll be able to understand the physics.

The best way to learn your entire A Level Physics course and solidify your understanding to boost your exam grades.

Never miss a thing.

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Pop your email in and stay up-to-date. Unsubsribe at any time. 

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